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Our Mission

CBD is an Australian Business & Community Development Initiative of the Hope Foundation, designed to link people together, promote local business, and provide support to people that are experiencing personal hardship.

HOPE aims to financially support disadvantaged people in every community across Australia. Each month, 30% of your CBD membership payment goes to support children, families, and elderly people in your town.

Register as a member of the CBD | Community & Business Directory, choose a cause, and your contribution will support locals in your area.

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Customer Engagement

At the Heart of our success, are our Customers. They are the lifeblood of every Business. Only when we connect with customers, can we sell products or services. With CBD you have access to our National Database and Member Services, to expand your business horizons, engage with customers Australia-wide, and experience first class Concierge services.

National Database

Communicate with your customers, and track your business metrics. Keep your records in one place, with CBData Services. With all your client information stored in one place, and backed up for total security, your business is elevated to greater heights with our Customer Relationship Support (CRS) services.

Management Tools

  • A variety of practical Management Tools are available to CBD members, and they are accessible from any mobile device. Expand your business activities with the most reliable, customer-friendly, and inexpensive Web Services; personal support by e-mail, and phone, via our All Australian Concierge Service; CBdata nationwide database; link with the Social247 network; Shop at the CBD Mall; access to Apps; connect with Job Vacancies; Quotes done Easy; plus more, as CBD expands nationwide. One fee to get it all - no extra charges!

Member Services

  • Social247 | A Social Network for CBD Members. Why use facebook, twitter, hangouts, whatever... use the new 'Social247'.
  • Shopping Mall | Buy & Sell Australia-wide at the CBD Mall & Classifieds.
  • Bookings & Appointments | An easy and free appointment scheduling app, your business and clients will love.
  • Cobber Job | A Recruitment Exchange Service without the 'stiff' fee-for-service. Connecting Workers with Jobs!
  • Quote Desk | Request or Send - professional online quotes.

The Concierge

Our Concierge Service is available to all CBD Members. Remember, the guy at the front desk who can answer all your questions, point you in the right direction, help you with anything that you need, and deliver the very best service on-time, every time? Our Concierge provides a bespoke and personalised service for busy professionals and individuals. Assistance with CBD Apps - Social, Shopping, Bookings & Appointments, Recruitment, Quotes, and more!

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Hope Foundation Causes

Hope for Children

HOPE foundation prioritises its support, for children & the elderly - food, shelter, clothing, assistance with education, and health services.

Elderly Care

Our mandate is “to improve the welfare of others”, that’s why our senior citizens who need someone that cares, are not forgotten.

Family Support

We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, with charitable giving & personal support for families. HopeAustralia.com.au

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